Lectures in the Dome

Space Family Night: Pluto & Beyond the Infinite

Sat, Jan 5 | 6-7:30 pm

Dome Planetarium

Pluto is the most distant object ever explored up-close with a spacecraft. On New Year’s Eve, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will break its own record when it zips past Ultima Thule, a small Kuiper Belt Object a billion miles beyond Pluto.

Space out with us in the Dome Planetarium to learn about everyone’s favorite dwarf planet, we'll freeze liquid nitrogen to produce the frozen nitrogen found on Pluto’s surface, and see the latest results from the historic New Year’s Eve flyby. Light refreshments will be provided.

Free for Members (please reserve free seats) | $5 per person public | $12 per family (immediate family only)

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Tickets & more info also available at the Museum or by phone: 309.686.7000.