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2019 Schedule

New Horizons | Pluto | Ultima Thule
Sat, Jan 12 | 7-9 pm

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In 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, giving us unimagined views of the distant dwarf planet. On January 1, it will fly by Ultima Thule, another Kuiper Belt object! Enjoy up to 3 beers and delicious food while learning about what you can see in the night sky, learning the latest news from space, and touring the solar system to Pluto and beyond!

Yuri’s Night
Sat, Apr 13 | 7-9 pm

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On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to enter space. Each year around this anniversary there is a worldwide space party to celebrate the human achievement of entering space. Enjoy beer and delicious food while learning about the current night sky, Yuri’s epic trip to space, and touring the solar system and beyond.

Sun Celebration
Sat, Jun 15 | 7-9 pm

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Celebrate the summer solstice with food and drink! Learn the science behind our closest star and hear updates on NASA’s ongoing mission: The Parker Solar Probe.


Beer, delicious food, and space, what more could you want? Learn what’s up in the night sky and hear the latest news from the cosmos as we tour the Universe using our real-time Uniview software. A stellar Dome Planetarium operator will be your guide through this out of this world experience.

These evenings are held in two parts. A star talk using our highly realistic Zeiss ZKP4 star projectors, time to socialize and enjoy the beer and refreshments, than a tour of the universe and its destructive (and creative) ways using our immersive real time software.

Guests receive up to 3 craft beers & food included in ticket price. Ages 21+.

$30 members  |  $36 public

Tickets & more info also available in person or by phone: 309.686.7000.

Additional questions? Contact Renae Kerrigan at or 309.863.3030.

All supplies provided for programs unless otherwise noted. All paid programs require a minimum number of participants to run or will be canceled two business days prior to the start date. Pre-registration required.

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