48-hour Filmmakers Fest 2018

Gst 48 Film Fest 18 Final

48-hour Filmmakers Fest 2018

2018 Required Elements:

Theme: Trust 

Object: Bag

Dialogue: “Hold on”


The Riverfront Museum’s 48-hour Filmmakers Fest is a competition that gives aspiring filmmakers of all ages the chance to create a 3-5-minute movie in just 48 hours. Each film — from writing and shooting to editing and sound design – must occur between Friday, Sep. 7, and Sunday, Sep. 9. 

On Sep. 7, we will announce a theme, a line of dialogue and an object that needs to be included in each submission, e.g. Friendship, “That’s too much” and a baseball bat. After this announcement is made, filmmakers will have 48 hours to create their 3-5-minute film.
On Sunday, Sep. 9, filmmakers will submit their finished product and, over the next several days, they will be viewed by a panel of judges who will determine the overall winner and runner-up.

On Saturday, Sep. 15, all submissions will be screened at the GST, at which time the winner and runner-up will be announced. In addition, a special People’s Choice award will be selected based on audience vote that night. $5 at the door. Participants receive 4 free passes with registration. 


Anyone. All it takes is a passion for filmmaking or storytelling — and a lot of energy to get it all done in 48 hours.


$10 entry fee.


The overall winner will receive a trophy and a cash prize. The runner-up will also receive a trophy and cash prize and the People’s Choice award winner will receive a trophy.

Official Rules:

All footage must be shot within the official time period (5 PM Sep. 7 – 5 PM Sep. 9), and no stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used. We recommend organizing a cast and crew, and securing equipment and locations in advance.  

Opening credits are not encouraged, but if you use them, they are considered to be part of the film, and therefore count against the five-minute maximum. End credits can be no longer than 60 seconds, and do not count against the five-minute maximum. (That is, a film may be 5 minutes long, with an additional 60 seconds of credits, for a total running time for 6 mintues.) 

How to submit your film: 

All films must be submitted by 5 PM on September 9th. Submissions can be dropped off at the Museum front desk on a USB flash drive or portable hard drive, or shared via Dropbox folder to dstief@peoriariverfrontmuseum.org. 

The filename should be the name of your film i.e. “Star Wars.mp4”

Video format must be .mov or .mp4 – HD resolution recommended.