Meet the World's Most Advanced Planetarium System!

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Meet the World’s Most Advanced Planetarium System: Digistar 7!

Dome Planetarium's new state-of-the-art Evans & Sutherland 6.5K Digistar 7 system uses six laser phosphor projectors for 360-degree ultra-bright high-resolution views. It features 3D models and instant real-time access to an extensive cloud of astronomy and science databases from NASA and NOAA to universities and planetariums worldwide, including the latest planetarium shows.

“Our new system will let us fly through the universe, from galaxies thousands of light-years away to detailed explorations of the planets in our own solar system,” said Renae Kerrigan, the museum’s planetarium director and science curator, “We can even explore the Earth, from real-time earthquakes and weather, down to microscopic organisms and subatomic particles.”

The much-needed system replaces the failing five-projector 2K system acquired in 2007 for the museum’s predecessor, Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences. Not everything is leaving. The museum’s Zeiss Skymaster star projector, used to recreate a true-to-life night sky, will remain.

The museum’s new planetarium system was made possible by Public Museum Capital Grant Program: Illinois Department of Natural Resources & the Illinois State Museum with additional major support from private supporters led by Planetarium Advisory Council chair Jim Beard & Jane Beard.

For more information on Digistar 7 CLICK HERE.