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Artifact/Artwork Donation FAQ 

The Peoria Riverfront Museum encourages the donation of artifacts and artwork from numerous, thoughtful donors that help the Museum to inspire and give confidence to our community. To ensure that the Museum is a responsible steward of these gifts and that these gifts are in the best interest of the Museum, the Museum staff have the following guidelines for accepting donated objects into the Museum’s permanent collection. 

The Peoria Riverfront Museum’s collection consists of objects in the following categories that will enhance its exhibitions, education programs, and mission of the organization:
Fine Arts artwork by artists of historical or contemporary significance, with an emphasis on American works from the 19th century to the present and a focus on works of Midwestern origin;
Decorative Arts examples of craftsmanship by artists of historical or contemporary significance, with emphasis on American works from the 19th century to the present;
Folk Art artwork and objects made by Midwestern folk artists whose works are of historical or contemporary significance;
Anthropological Materials authentic ethnographic objects of superior quality and archaeological materials of known provenance from around the world, with an emphasis on objects of Midwestern origin;
Natural Sciences significant, properly identified and documented objects related to the various branches of earth, planetary, and biological sciences and scientific activity, with a particular emphasis on specimens from Illinois;
Historical artifacts and artwork of superior quality that relate to the history of central Illinois history;
Achievement materials that relate to achievement, both historical and contemporary, with an emphasis on the story of achievement in Illinois.

The Museum receives and processes offers through the Collection Committee—a panel of curators, collection management specialists, and Museum Trustees. Their approval is necessary to acquire any object for the Collection.The Trustees of the Peoria Riverfront Museum and Museum staff are obliged to make sure that every acquisition is in line with its policy, and that we have the resources to conserve and store donated objects appropriately. If the Museum cannot accommodate your gift, it may be able to suggest an alternative recipient.

How to Donate
As much as Museum staff would love to accommodate walk-in donations, we are better able to respect your time by requesting that your infomation be submitted via email.

 Please send 2 to 3 images of your suggested donation, a general description (include measurements of artifact/artwork) and how you acquired the item(s) to our Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Bill Conger.