Let the Music Play: The Evolution of Recorded Sound

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Golden Voice presents:


"Golden Voice Presents: Let the Music Play" explores the evolution of recorded sound and the advancements made to improve the listening experience.

The way we have listened to recorded sound has gone through many Iterations since the phonograph's invention by Thomas Edison in 1887. The world went from listening to a single song embedded on a wax cylinder, to discs that could play a song on each side, to long play albums.

 In this first series of three, Phonographs to 45s, we examine early formats from the early 1900s and 1950.

Jerry and Mary Anne Milam experienced a part of this evolution while owning and operating their studio Golden Voice Recording Company from 1964-1978. They recorded and produced many local and national acts across genres from psychedelic rock to Christian contemporary. They mainly recorded songs onto long play and 45 RPM records. 

A small portion of the studio's output of records can be seen here along with the types of devices the songs were listened through, as well as the Golden Voice display in the Giant Screen Theater lobby.
makes the Victrola 45

"Music is the only thing that lives forever" 
- Mary Ann Milan

"The music industry really blossomed with the 45s."
-Jerry Milam

"Let the Music Play: The Evolution of Recorded Sound" presented by Golden Voice. 

We appreciate those who have generously contributed to this exhibition: Jerry and Mary Ann Milam, Craig Moore and Wes Green.