Betty Friedan

28 Minutes with Betty Friedan

The Interview with Barb Drake

In 1999, PBS affiliate WTVP and Barbara Drake, Peoria Journal Star reporter and Bradley alumna, interviewed Women's Movement icon Betty Friedan. The 28-minute interview discussed Friedan's childhood in Peoria, IL and how the community impacted her writing and actions that inspired a second Feminism wave in the United States.

During the course of this riveting interview which took place in her Washington D.C. apartment, Friedan discusses her Peoria past and the impact of her seminal 1963 “The Feminine Mystique” which created a foundation for modern Feminism and the creation of the National Organization for Women. This exhibition will also focus on Barb Drake’s impressions of Friedan and behind-the-scenes details of the interview.

Download "Let's Learn about Betty Friedan" lesson plan here.

In honor of what would have been Betty Friedan's 100th birthday, we proudly partner with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra to promote "Herstory: A Musical Tribute to Betty Friedan" on Sat, Nov 20. For ticket information, visit the Peoria Symphony Orchestra's website.