Virtual Field Trips

The Peoria Riverfront Museum offers virtual programming to suit your classroom's changing needs. We believe that adapting to new technological needs is an important part of supporting our educators and life-long learners, even at a distance.

We offer LIVE and prerecorded interactive virtual field trip experiences. 

Virtual experiences connect you to our Google Classroom with many of the Museum's educational programming: 

  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions & Galleries
  • Curated Field Trips

LIVE experiences are flexible livestreamed experiences that will connect your students in real time to the Peoria Riverfront Museum's workshops, exhibitions, or planetarium shows.

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Learn all about our new Virtual Field Trips two ways:

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Teachers whose classes complete the Virtual Field Trip and follow-up surveys are offered a complimentary educator membership with the option to upgrade to a family membership [$20].

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Virtual and LIVE Field Trip Policies

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are offered through Google Classrooms while LIVE connections may use Zoom or Google Meets. We aim to accommodate other platforms, if requested. Access to a virtual field trip is paid by classroom; educators will not share their access with any other classrooms. Educators will not share or download the Museum's paid content. Advance registration is required, register at least one week prior to your selected access date for a virtual field trip.

Educators will receive one week with unlimited access to your selected content, from 5pm on Friday to the following Friday at 5pm, 7 days later. Once your week is complete, the code will refresh and you will be removed from the class. 

Payment is required prior to the Friday connection date; the access link will not be sent if the payment is not complete. Please make payment in cash, check [made out to ‘Peoria Riverfront Museum’], or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Only credit card payment can be taken over the phone. 

LIVE Field Trips

LIVE Field Trips are offered via Zoom and Google Meets. We aim to accommodate other platforms, if requested. Access to a LIVE field trip is paid per connection for 45-60 minutes for one topic. Additional topics or activities will be considered a separate program and scheduled accordingly. Just like an in-person visit, LIVE experiences will be coordinated by the Field Trip Coordinator, educators, and the educator as needed. 

Advance registration is required, register at least two weeks prior to a selected date for a LIVE experience. A mandatory 15 minute tech check is required at least a week in advance of the LIVE experience.

Payment is required prior to the LIVE experience. Please make payment in cash, check [made out to ‘Peoria Riverfront Museum’], or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Only credit card payment can be taken over phone. 

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Check out what Educators are saying:

“The Peoria Riverfront Museum’s Virtual Field Trips provide teachers and their students with a wide variety of opportunities to explore, experience, and most importantly, engage in active learning about their world and about outer space.”
-Jodi, Educational Consultant

“I love this idea, and how it has the potential to reach a lot of students in our district and community. I love the connection to Peoria to build interest and community pride. Well done!”
-Tracy, Math and Science Coordinator, PPS

“I love that you are doing everything you can to get the valuable resources the museum has to offer out to students. It is apparent much time and effort went into creating this virtual field trip.
*I think it is organized very well and is easy to use.
*I love all of the resources, access to exhibits, and activities available.
*I think there is plenty of information, videos, and activities available,”

- Rachel, 2nd Grade Educator, EPS