Virtual Field Trip Content

The Peoria Riverfront Museum's Virtual Field Trip content is divided into two main categories: Virtual & Live. Virtual content is accessible online, but is not a live program. Virtual content does not need to be scheduled and may be accessed using Google Classrooms. Live content is a scheduled, live educational experience, provided through Zoom or Google Meet.

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Virtual Workshops

Origami Adventures | Grades PreK-3
Experience our hands-on origami adventures workshop virtually with our recorded version!
This hands-on workshop is perfect for little fingers that just can’t keep still! We will begin by reading "Fold Me a Poem" by Kristine George and talking about all of the amazing things you can make with paper. Students will then learn about the ancient roots of paper. The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to creating several examples of origami animals that students will create and keep!

Extreme Planets | Grades 4-12
Students will learn about the characteristics of the planets and moons in our solar system. They will also experience the extreme conditions found throughout the solar system, by interacting with hands-on demonstrations involving dry ice, sulfur, liquid nitrogen, and air pressure.

Weather | Grades 4-8
Students will learn about how the water cycle and the characteristics of air, water, earth, and sun determine the weather we experience each day. Students will experience hands-on demonstrations of air, electricity, water pressure, and ends with a demonstration of our Tornado Cannon.

Virtual Exhibition Tours

Available Exhibition Tours
Ken Hoffman | 50 Years in Peoria
The Sculpture of Ronald Bladen: Angle/Edge/Plane
GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World

Additional Exhibition Tours included, without activities:
Master Works of the Illinois River: The Collection of Thomas K. Figge
Thomas Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild
Da Vinci: The Genius & Secrets of the Mona Lisa
Sonar Tide | Ronald Bladen
Art of the Brick
| Interview + Tour with Nathan Sawaya
Celebrate Illinois | Exhibition Highlights
The George & Norma Kottemann Collection
Rodin: Cast in Bronze – The Work of Many Hands
Tiffany: The Collection of Don Shay
The Golden Age of Disney: The Collection of Steve Spain

Curated Virtual Field Trips

This carefully planned package includes virtual materials on a specific topic including: Videos, activities, and lesson plans in art, science, and history, as well as additional resources. These curated packages follow the Museum's four founding pillars: Science, Art, History, and Achievement. 

The Peoria Riverfront Museum's inaugural curated field trip package covers the science, art, and history about Mars in celebration of the new Mars rover, Perseverance!